Thank you for your interest in my baking!  Now that you have had a chance to see all I offer lets chat! The further in advance you book your order the greater chance you have of me being available.  I typically book up at least 4 weeks in advance so the earlier the better, however I do not take orders farther than 6 months in advance. 


The main things I will need to know is:


-The date of your event (most important)

-What items you would like and quantities


- If ordering a cake how many it needs to feed


-Pictures of what you like are very helpful (we can always customize it from there). 

-Type of party and theme if any

-Will you need delivery, if so address to event. (delivery is offered for an extra fee based on mileage.)


From there we can start discussing your custom order! 



I just require a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your order, and then you pay your balance by the date of the event. (balance paid before event if a wedding is preferred)

Forms of payment:


~Apple Pay (951-226-4909)

~Zelle (  Karen Schwab)

~Credit card (there is a 4% processing fee)


Feel free to fill out the form below for a quote and I will be happy to get in touch with you OR you can contact me by the other resources listed below. But please note if you contact me on or near the weekends more than likely I won't be able to reply until Monday as I will be busy baking away and spending much needed family time on Sundays.

 Text: 951-226-4909 (I do not take orders over the phone)



Instagram: sweet.littlebaker


Address: Please keep in mind I am a home baker so please contact me for my address and be sure to get a hold of me before stopping by :-)

**Please note*** Sometimes technology fails us so please note if you contact via the form or e-mail (or even text) sometimes my replies go to your spam folder or there are glitches.  I always reply to all my inquiries even if it is to say I am not available so if you do not hear from me I am not ignoring you!  So feel free to call me to make sure I got the message, thanks!





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