How sweet it is!  Most of my sweets are completely customized to go with your event so pricing will vary.  If there is something you are craving that you don't see below please let me know I still may be able to accommodate you.  To see all my work head over to my Facebook and Instagram pages!



My cakes have 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling and are approx 5-6 inches tall (except my sheet cakes have one layer of filling)

They are completely custom so sizes and pricing vary.  Please contact me for a custom quote (details in the order contact section). For flavor options click on flavor tab above.


Whether you are throwing a shower, a birthday or wedding I can help! A showcase of a variety of my themed coordinating desserts all on one table.I come and provide all the decor for your table and set up and tear down. Contact me to find out how we can dream up one for your special day and take the stress off of you! 



My buttery soft vanilla sugar cookies custom decorated with sweet almond or vanilla icing decorated to match any theme. 

Starts at $40.00 and up for 1 dozen (2 dz minimum)

$10 more per dozen can be wrapped in bag with matching ribbon.  Can also be baked with lolipop stick for $5 more per dozen or matching straw for $8 more. Makes a great party favor


Such a fun and elegant touch and so delicious too! Message me for flavor options

$70 for 2 dz



Decorated to match your party theme.

starting at $15 for 1 dozen large rods unwrapped or $25 wrapped with ribbon


If you have never had a homemade marshmallow you need to try mine! 

Your choice of flavor and

color rolled in sugar

$25 for 2 dozen for $35 more can be dipped in chocolate and decorated (try sprinkled with graham cracker for a S'more on a stick!)

 $10 more for matching straw, bag and ribbon.


Cookies that are great for any occasion, even if it just means treating yourself! :-)

-Chocolate chip

 -White chocolate

-Chip,oatmeal raisin/chocolate chip


-Snicker doodles,

-Peanut butter,

-Plain sugar cookies

$25 for 2 dozen 


Peanut blossoms  $35 for 2 dozen.


Russian tea cake (also called Mexican Wedding cakes or snowballs)  $40 for 3 dozen



Positively addicting!  Makes a great gift! My caramel corn in 1 ounce bags with matching ribbon. You can order in qty's of 24, 1 oz bags for $50 (makes great favors) OR a large  bag for snacking for $30.  (add peanuts for $5 more)



My homemade pies perfect for your holiday gatherings. All from scratch just like moms. Many flavors to choose from $35 for my 8 inch pie that serves 8 or $70 for 2 dz small (cupcake size), or 2 dz of my mini pies on a stick.



Try my muffins for your next breakfast or brunch gathering! $20 ½ dozen Jumbo’s or 12 standard size or 24 minis. Flavors include blueberry, banana with or without chocolate chips and carrot spice! Great for day after wedding gift openings! 


Start at $25.00 and up for 1 dozen standard, 2 dozen minis or 6 jumbo

Filling starts at $5 extra per dozen

Custom fondant toppers start at  $10 more per dozen

See flavor menu for options



Dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate or any flavor/color melt and decorated. Starts at $35 and up for 1 dozen .For $10 more can be wrapped in bag with matching ribbon.  Add $5 more for a matching straw, makes a great party favor!



Oreo’s dipped in your choice of white, or milk or dark chocolate and or any color/flavor melt you want.  Can be customized to match your party theme.

 Starting at $15 per dozen $10 more to be wrapped with ribbon



Custom color and flavors. $40 for 2 dz. Many flavors to choose from.


Rich Chocolate Brownies,

Luscious Sour Lemon and gooey S'Mores only $35 per 2 dozen.

Can make other types upon request



Have you had any whoopie today? Whoopie pie that is! Is it a cake or a cookie? Yes, and delicious to boot! 

Chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream filling
$30 for 1 dz



These yummy homemade classic treats are $30 per 2 dozen plain, $30 more they can be 1/2 dipped with sprinkles/swirls (extra decoration can add to cost) and $10 more can be wrapped with matching ribbon. A crowd favorite!


Introducing the newst addition to the Sweet Little Baker menu, Paul's PB krispies! They are a Schwab family tradtion and always are the first to get eaten at any gatheing. Gooey peanut butter with rice krispies, topped with a thick layer of chocolate and butterscotch. Yum! $40 for 2 dz 



 I pick a variety sample pack of 4 cupcake flavors, 4 fillings, and 4 frostings (whatever flavors are on hand) all packed up to go for you to mix and match in the comfort of your own home. Only $10  (Limited supply reserved for my large cake orders)



If you love Reese's like me you will love these! Smooth peanut butter center, dipped in milk chocolate. Can also be made with rice crispies inside for added crunch. (my favorite). $40 for 2 dz


Introducing the tiniest (about the size of a quarter) new member to the Sweet Little Baker menu, baked mini donuts!  They can be colored to match your theme and custom flavored as well.  Almost too cute to eat....almost :-) $35 for 4 dz


When you want to send something other than flowers why not make it pretty AND delicious instead?  Most of my sweets can be made into a beautiful edible bouquet and delivered locally. The perfect something for someone special in your life, custom made for any occasion.  Contact me for custom pricing~

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